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Best Starting Guide Ever :D

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1 Best Starting Guide Ever :D on Tue Oct 20, 2015 4:51 pm

When you login for the first time id recommend ::train to get your stats up and be able to wear your ice katana (90 attack) after u have done that kill some hill Giants to get your prayer to lvl 43 to get protect from melee. Because u just started u have a little starter boost for a couple minutes at ::customs this means u get more points and xp so take advantage of that. kill spongebobs or pikachus till you get 20k customs points to buy a armadyl longsword this is a very new weapon that just got buffed pick up all the ckeys while killing the npc's and try to get a ring of wealth from the c chest because that will give u +2%. I reccomend going to ::bonezone to get your prayer up to lvl 95 to use soulsplit this will save you alot of food. After u have done all of that you are basically free to get all the customs u want. Check ::commands to see what zone u like.

::torvazone for cool custom torva's (blue, flame , 24k , burst , predator and cyrex)
::aiyana for strong range / str bonus armour
::pvmzone for icetorva and ornamental
::rarezone for elimination ( best armour ingame) and ares
::opzone for cosmetic tetsu, death lotus and sea singer
::pornzone is basically impossible cause they got 999k health xD
::awesomezone for custom phats and santas
::weaponzone to get all brutal torvas ( if u have them all trade them in at alex or waddie for a chaotic whip)

Gl and i hope you enjoy the server.
Pm me ingame if you need help with anything Smile
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2 Re: Best Starting Guide Ever :D on Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:25 pm



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3 Re: Best Starting Guide Ever :D on Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:48 pm

good job

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