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Pummeler Loot Guide 200 Kills

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1 Pummeler Loot Guide 200 Kills on Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:54 am

Remember that i have a high drop rate %

1x Robin hood hat (blue)
1x Paper bag
2x Ragefire boots
1x Ice Claws
2x Anonymous Mask
1x Waddiex-scape LightSlayer Cape
2x Vanguard helmet
1x Google Chrome sword
2x Energy Sword
1x Angel boots
2x Glowing dagger
2x AGS
1x Dragon Platelegs (or)
1x Beastly sword
2x Vanguard platebody
1x B Ring (iv)
1x Robin hood hat (brown)
4x Twin Choppers
2x Foam Finger
1x Dragon Platebody (or)
2x Dragon Platebody (sp)
1x Gold lightsaber
1x Dragon plateskirt (sp)
1x Golden precision bracelet
1x Dragon sq shield (sp)
1x Superb sword
2x Dragon plateskirt (or)

If you want to kill this boss yourself, go to spellbook- boss teleport - 2de page - pummeler.

use a fast weapon with soulsplit on cause pummeler can combo really hard!


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2 Re: Pummeler Loot Guide 200 Kills on Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:57 am

Simple and yet usefull, nicely done

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