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1 ---SMITHING GUIDE--- on Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:28 pm

This Guide will cover how to start and further your Smithing level!

*To do Smithing you will need to have cash in your inventory*

To start Smithing, teleport to ::skills, run into the room with the mining rocks, pass the banks and go into the very first room with Pikkupstix in it. The "Pikkupstix" on the left has Bronze/Iron/Steel bars in the shop which you will need for 1-50 smithing. The "Pikkupstix" on the right has Mithril/Adamant/Rune bars for 50+ Smithing. (you can buy bars, smith them in the room next to Pikkupstix, bank and repeat).

Once you reach 50+ Smithing, you can either move on to Mithril bars or make Steel Platebodies until you can make Mithril arrowtips. Once you can make Mithril arrowtips, make them until you can smith Mithril Platebodies. Basically it's best to make Platebodies until you can make arrowtips at the next Bar. (Example: Making steel platebodies until you can make Mithril arrowtips).

When you're 70+ Smithing it's best to keep making mithril platebodies until you can make adamant arrowtips. After you can make adamant arrowtips, continue making them until you can make adamant chainbodies and move on to platebodies.

Making adamant platebodies is much better exp than making rune daggers, like I said before, make platebodies until you can make arrowtips and so on. Once you reach 99 Smithing, you'll be able to make rune platebodies which you will need to make until level 135.

Here's what I made to get to 99 smithing (plus a few rune platebodies)*NOTE* I did use a x2 exp ring while Smithing, it'll take double of what I made to reach 99+! https://gyazo.com/339eb59cb37b7bdb6704bdeed9c95fdb

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2 Re: ---SMITHING GUIDE--- on Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:52 pm


Very nice guide, Keep it up.

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